Winter Wonderland at the Factory

Hey, there!

It's been quite awhile since I posted a blog. A lot has happened since then! But just to name a few: I graduated from CSUF with a degree in PhotoCommunications, I've been published again!, traveled to Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Florida, and the Bahamas, and been working hard as the Visual Designer for ArrowGTP

While the holidays have ended, I'm still obsessing over an event the ArrowGTP team and I planned in December for the company The Factory by Alchemy. They have THE most amazing co-working office! Inspired by New York, coffee shops, and the rustic, speakeasy environment, they created a relaxing space for their employees to feel like they're home away from home. But it was our job to transform the area so it doesn't feel like their holiday party is just another day at "the office." 

We came up with the idea of a white winter wonderland to be in contrast with the darker atmosphere. I think it's safe to say the employees were very surprised walking in that door and seeing something they're not used to!

On another note, I've got some new personal projects in mind! With the new year ringing in, I have a few goals I hope to accomplish. With one of those goals being to blog more, I'll keep ya updated!

x C

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